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STEAMp3 includes tons of great features that were designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind, this page only lists a few. If you want to know more about STEAMp3, try it for yourself!
The playlist keeps all of your music organized and in one place, no matter where the files are located on your computer. STEAMp3 supports the same file formats as Windows Media Player including but not limited to .mp3, .m4a, .wav, .wma, .ogg, and .flac. (All formats supported using codecs).
Find your files quickly and easily using the playlist search filter. Just type a word or phrase in the Search bar and the playlist will filter the results as you type. The Search bar is also available inside all other tabs as well.
Edit ID3 tags by simply typing in the boxes next to each playlist item. STEAMp3 also includes a full ID3 tag editor that allows you to add album art, comments, lyrics and more. ID3 tags and MPEG information are cached inside each individual playlist for quick loading and saving.
Commands are keywords that allow you to control STEAMp3 from Steam group chats, private messages, and even game lobbies (Coming soon)!
Just type one of the commands in a chat or private message window and STEAMp3 will respond instantly. Play music, learn a new language, get local weather or gas prices, learn your daily horoscope and much more!
Earn achievements based on the songs you play and by using commands. The more achievements you earn, the higher your overall rank will be among other users.
Skins allow you to personalize the entire look and feel of STEAMp3. Choose from a long list of skins created by Ta0soft and users of the STEAMp3 community.
Create and edit your own skins using the Skin Designer included with STEAMp3. Each skin you create will appear on your user profile and other users will be able to rate your skin on a scale of 1 to 5 based on it's appearance.
Microsoft Visual C# Developers can create custom plug-ins using the STEAMp3 Development Kit included with the setup and available on the Download page. The SDK gives you complete access to the STEAMp3 media player, commands, skins, and UI classes directly using object-oriented code, no p/invoke required!
The SDK also includes a web API that lets you gather information about skins, updates, user stats, achievements, and more using Extensible Markup Language (XML) format.
The Settings tab allows you to customize every aspect of STEAMp3. Change your music folder, playback/recording device, global HotKeys and more all located in a single window.
Advanced users can customize the appearance of playlist items and display files by artist, album, title, genre, track, year, rating or URL.
Custom Backgrounds (New!)
Users who donate to Ta0 Software now receive special donator benefits including the ability to add custom background images to STEAMp3.
Donators will also receive a special (Donator) tag next to their name and their custom background image will be displayed on their STEAMp3 profile for everyone to see.
Live Update
Stay up-to-date with STEAMp3 using the included Live Updater. When a new version becomes available, Live Update will notify you and allow you upgrade STEAMp3 with the click of a mouse.
Backups are created of all downloaded files to prevent data loss. If the update is successful, the backup files are automatically deleted.
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